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Our staff and our doctors have put their heads together in order to best answer the questions we hear most often. We seek to provide as much information as possible about our process, from start to finish, and every step in-between.

Have a question that isn’t answered in the list below? Contact our office today, as we would be more than happy to answer any question you may have.

Prosthodontists are dental specialists in the restoration and replacement of missing teeth. They attend a three year residency after completing four years of dental school in order to attain expert knowledge and skills in order to treat patients who have complex dental circumstances.

Prosthodontics is one of the nine dental specialties recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA).

At your first visit, you can expect to meet the doctors and members of the team. The doctors will obtain all the information they need regarding your dental and health histories to gain an understanding of your dental journey thus far and your desires for the future. They will gather critical clinical data including 3D images, photographs, and digital impressions in order to formulate the most ideal solution to your current circumstance.

Once the information gathering is complete, the doctors will sit down with you and discuss their findings and recommendations with you. The Patient Care Coordinator will go over the specifics of treatment and financials with you. Any questions or concerns can be addressed at this time by either the Patient Care Coordinator, the doctors, or both. By the time you leave your first visit, you will have a clear understanding of what could and should be done, as well as what the financial commitments are.

Great question! Other than the initial consult fee of $195 (total cost including 3D imaging, photographs, digital impressions, a consult with the doctors, and your treatment plan presentation), no patients’ fees are the same. Every full mouth reconstruction and every patients’ circumstance and needs are individually unique. Thus the best way to get an accurate price is to come in for a consultation.

What we can tell you is this…
Full mouth rehabilitation is an excellent investment in an individual’s future health and well-being. It is an investment in you and your quality of life. Understanding that implant therapies change peoples lives, and that said therapies are not inexpensive, we aim to make treatment possible in every way we can. One way is through the phasing of treatment beyond the required healing time between each step. Gaining massive ground with the first phase allows us to stabilize and secure a vastly improved circumstance for you, and you to pause for as long or short of time as your budget requires.

It won’t!
BOLD? – Maybe, but we hear it everyday. The vast majority of our patients report little to no pain. Some patients report minor discomfort with almost none reporting true pain. (You can hear testimonials from real patients here.)

How is this possible?! In order to change how dentistry is typically experienced, we have committed ourselves to changing how dentistry is typically delivered. We have developed processes that allow us to provide massive amounts of dentistry in the gentlest way possible.

Deep Sedation: Through our nurse anesthetist partner, DenTIVA, we are able to offer deep sedation for our patients, allowing us to do complex dentistry to quickly improve your circumstances while you take one long nap.

No shots: We avoid the use of local anesthetic. Yes, that means no shots! Anesthetic is a wonderful adjunct when needed, but we believe it should be avoided whenever possible. Why? Local anesthetic is a fluid that “blows up” the tissues as it is forced between them. It causes vasoconstriction of the blood vessels and thus decreases blood flow. By not using it we avoid unnecessary tissue inflammation from the initial injury and the delayed removal of the fluid due to vasoconstriction. Not to mention all the pricks in the tissue!
Laser Dentistry: We are laser certified prosthodontists and have the latest technology in shot free dentistry. The Solea Laser from Convergent Dental allows us to deliver spectacular dental results faster and without shots or pain.

IV administered medications: We provide IV administered medications during your procedure. These medications help you control the inflammatory response with very little to no medications to manage after your procedure.

Every patient’s treatment needs are unique, thus the number of appointments will vary depending on your personal circumstance and final destination.

That said, our team is proud to be able to deliver a massive amount of dentistry in the most condensed way possible. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver a massive amount of high-quality dentistry in as few appointments as possible with our average patient requiring somewhere between 7 and 10 visits (with only 1 or 2 of these being long sedation appointments) to complete their treatment.

Every patient’s treatment needs and desires are unique, thus the amount of time will vary depending on your personal circumstances and final destination.

That said, we pride ourselves in being able to deliver a massive amount of high-quality dentistry in as few appointments as possible. Comparatively, our patients experience half as many appointments.

Some of our patients want to finish the treatment in the shortest amount of time possible. Some, whether due to finances, travel, work schedules, or other reasons, choose to go slow.

The most important thing to remember here is that although the first phase is a temporary phase, our efficient and validated processes can allow you to pause before initiating the next phase for extended amounts of time while still experiencing an immediate and enormous improvement in your smile and function.

No. We have all aspects of your care under one roof including 3D imaging, sedation options, surgical and restorative expertise, and certified lab technicians. This affords us an extremely collaborative team approach to your treatment.

Having one team and one location allows us to simplify and enhance your experience resulting in higher efficiency for you: less appointments, improved convenience, and better outcomes. Also noteworthy is that you will have the same team throughout the process, which is something many patients remark upon as important and enjoyable to them.

Beyond Dentistry: It’s about being more than our patients’ prosthodontist, more than our expertise, our skills, or the outcomes we achieve. It means being there for our patients, going above and beyond for every patient, every time. It means constantly and consistently evaluating what we are doing, why we are doing it, and asking if we could and should be doing it differently. It means never settling and always striving for what is beyond who we are today for a better tomorrow for us and our patients.

Let us help bring back your best smile… A superior dental experience is only a consultation away!