At renew Institute, we’re proud to say that we are engineering a new era of dentistry across Louisville, KY, and the surrounding areas. All key aspects of dental care can be performed right here in our office, right under one roof. From implants and bridges to surgery and lab work, all of our work is performed in-house by our renowned prosthodontists, dramatically improving patient care, comfort, and satisfaction.
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Our dental implants are a great option when replacing one, several, or all of your missing teeth. We will give you a smile you can be proud of.


Full Mouth Reconstruction

Bring back your confidence with a full mouth reconstruction. We will restore your smile’s beauty and mouth’s functionality.



Don’t let one tooth bring your smile down. Our dental crowns can improve the look and shape of a less than pretty tooth.



Your teeth function as a team. Don’t let a gap slow you down. Our dental bridges can “bridge the gap” in your smile and get you back in the game.


Emergency and Routine Extractions

While adult teeth are meant to last a lifetime, sometimes they are removed in order to preserve dental and overall health.


Our Other Services:

At renew Institute, our prosthodontists also offer work on bone grafts, sinus augmentations and hybrid restorations.

Let us help bring back your best smile…
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