The doctors and staff at renew Institute go beyond dentistry in more ways than one. In addition to giving people back their smile and confidence, they also continually give their time and knowledge to the community. 

Just take a look at all the volunteer events the team has participated in so far!

  • Spanish-English medical interpretation at Family Community Clinic for uninsured patients
  • Providing free dental care in Guaymas, Mexico to residents in three orphanages, reaching nearly 200 patients in October 2018 and another trip planned for October 2019 (yearly)
  • Providing Pro Bono dental care on a rolling basis through dentist referrals
  • Hosting free monthly Continuing Education for general dentists (click here for more information)
    • Through a series of free CE courses, the doctors are improving the quality of care for patients in the community by sharing their knowledge and expertise with general dentists.
  • Teaching prosthodontic-specific lectures to students on a quarterly basis at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry where Dr. Wayland hold Gratis Faculty appointments

Smile Spotlight

Crystal was selected to receive pro bono dental care. Read how renew Institute changed her life.

“My “beyond dentistry” story actually begins with my general dentist, Dr. Rhonda Swanson, who initially referred me to renew and recommended me as a patient for pro bono care.

At renew, Dr. Wayland immediately made me feel at home. I never once felt ashamed about my mouth there, a feeling that I typically had nearly all the time. The doctors were incredibly sensitive to things that could trigger that sense of shame, like talking without my dentures; they never once asked me questions while the denture was out of my mouth. In each appointment they clearly demonstrated that they are the best of the best! I love my new teeth! I now have new implant retained prosthetics on both arches.

For me, I think I have so much emotional strife attached to my lack of teeth because of how young I was when I lost my teeth and how I lost my teeth – I was only 21 when I was put into a denture. Both my previous husband and I were veterans and he had been exposed to Agent Orange. After this exposure, he began to snap and harm me, resulting in extreme bouts of domestic violence in which I lost all of my teeth.

Since getting care at renew, I am able to do things that I never thought I could do! For example, recently my son went to baseball district championships. In the past I would have avoided going to his games or out to eat with the kids and their families in order to protect my child from embarrassment. I was scared I would be cheering and my denture would fall out, or that I wouldn’t be able to find anything on the menu I could eat. I was opting out of some of life’s most important experiences out of shame and a sense of protection of my child. I truly didn’t think I was ever able to do these things. When I went to his game recently I cheered louder than I ever had, and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the social elements too.

Thanks to renew Institute, my life has been renewed.”

Pro bono before
Pro bono after

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